Thursday, January 31, 2008

Three Dog Night

I just have to take advantage of this great opportunity to share my crafts. Woodburning is a very interesting process and fascinates me to no end. Hour after hour I can poke at some wood with a hot poker, and have such a good time that I forget to eat! Well, maybe not but I sure do get locked into it.Let me share a custom pyrography project with you---I added a video called Three Dog Night that follows the project from plank to art. The video features a song called "Devil Dogs" by my brother, Mike. The burning (and the video) is dedicated to my buyer, Jerry who is paralyized and not able to attend the local Celtic festival so he wanted a special item created. Jerry and I were able to share the experience and it was very rewarding. Sounds corny, but that's just how it felt :)
I'd like to express my gratitude to Kris at pfyrewoode for recommending my woodburning services to Jerry. She was not able to take on the project herself, and I appreciate her confidence and support. View the 2 minute video and watch the Three Dog Night plaque develop...

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