Saturday, July 19, 2008

Deep into the Wildwood

In August of 2005 a raging hurricane named Katrina was headed for the Gulf Coast---and I was constantly talking to my family on the phone as I finished painting my new workshop. When Hurricane Dennis hit, 5 of them evacuated to Nashville and slept in my basement/workshop for shelter.

Now, two and half years later, my Florida family is recovered and my workshop is up to speed. I'll be sharing some photos of my tools and setup, and bring you further into my retreat.

Having the right tools and a place to work has made a huge difference in my woodburnings and other crafting. My husband gave me this workbench and lots of tools when I started Edge of the Wildwood, and he regularly stops by the 'wildwood' to see what I'm up to.

My workshop is large enough (26x26) for me to hold small meetings or gatherings, and enthusiastic visitors! In My cats usually find a comfortable spot to lounge and they seem to like to listen to the radio with me.

The diamond shaped cinder block walls I painted to represent fortune and success. I recently upgraded to a CRAFTSMAN cushioned vinyl stool (sittin pretty!) and recently installed a high powered belted disc sander that I'm sure will be the loudest and messiest toy yet. Another machine that was donated to wildwood by a fellow woodworker is a routing table; perfect for finishing edges.

The quality of my work has greatly improved, and I'm thankful to have space for my tools, materials, inventory, photography, shipping and show setup (whew).

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ArtsyChaos said...

How cool is that harlequin pattern on the wall. Thanks for sharing !

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