Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Don't take any wooden nickels

Putting my artistic burnings aside for some production work in wooden nickels. A charming little novelty that I developed as a way to promote Edge of the Wildwood. Using some quaint old expressions like "every path has it's puddle" or "Nothing can come from nothing" and incorporating my shop name --- the small wooden nickels are a great representation of my folksy style. The familiar sayings and fancy lettering are reflective of my signwork, and the material (wood!) is another way to get the message across:)

The nickels are created with a 750 degree burning iron with a flat, coin shaped tip. The computer images are printed in reverse/mirror form so that the wood disc can be taped down and the image is ironed on from the back of the paper. The taping and ironing process is repeated for front and back of the coin, and great care is taken to make it legible.

To borrow another expression "The opposite side also has a reverse side"

Most of these nickels will be sent out to fellow crafters on MadeItMyself, so they can send them out with orders. EOW wooden nickels don't hold any real value, they're just a fun.

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