Friday, February 01, 2008

Old World Shoppes

A friendly co-op of traditional crafters on Etsy called Old World Shoppes is working towards some new promotions and events and soon I'll be posting some fun articles from the Old Worldies!

We're putting together a short video and a new promotional campaign that's sure to please our old-fashioned buyers.
Old World Shoppes is dedicated to traditional crafts and we honor the past with our creations---it's all handmade
...and it's quite the find!
This link takes you directly to our listings on Etsy

We crafted this adorable "shoppe" with all it's barn painting and miniatures---to
let people know we are open for business. A duplicate little shoppe was sent to Etsy HQ in New York, where it's proudly displayed. We hope it represents our wide range of products and "General Store" approach.
I think you'll find The Old World Shoppes delightful and fun.

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