Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Healing Power of Crafts

I was contacted by a friendly shopper on Etsy that wanted me to re-create a stationery box that she found in my SOLD items. I casually explained how my wood products are salvaged pieces, and I'm not likely to find another sliding lid box to work with. I recommended as a pyrographer with exceptional skill and a stellar reputation.

The shopper quickly replied that she was in urgent need of a cremation urn for her daughter's remains. Mrs. Welch then shared the heartbreaking story of her child, Paisley who was a still birth. She was distraught and devastated, and preparing for a memorial service for Paisley, and wanted to have a vessel made for the ceremony---and for the family to forever hold dear.

Together, we located a source for handmade, top quality boxes. Mrs. Welch made a selection and drop shipped the unfinished wooden box to my workshop.

I had only 2 days to decorate, finish and overnight ship to the family. But instead of feeling intense pressure to perform, I was overcome with a sense of peace and resolve! The Paisley pattern was modified to incorporate the spirit of the beloved child: eyelashes, windmills, pearls, crosses and puffs. My tools had a purpose, and I knew I would not fail this family.

Completing this order was the most significant thing my shop had ever done. This grieving mother and father would handle this box, and their eyes would explore the design and connect with the symbolic elements. They would mourn. Time would pass.

Paisley's memorial service featured her custom made urn, and a letter was included that I'd written to those who loved Paisley . My craft had somehow expanded beyond a product an into a vessel of healing.

Mrs. Welch left some sweet comments in my feedback: "This box far exceeds my hopes for Paisley's Urn. I'm so glad I found and met you. My family is forever grateful for your kindness and for your willingness to take on such an important project. Your work is beautiful. Thank You"

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