Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Hot Tip

Yikes! One of my burning tips cracked! It was a small flat tip that I use alot, and it finally gave out. A small hairline fracture at the tip-of-the-tip caused the electrical current to fail.

And the vigourous rubbing on sandpaper to remove the carbon build up didn't help the situation either...

Since I'm stubborn, I tried to force the tip to heat up by pressing it against my practice board---crackle! buzzzzz! I'm not THAT stubborn. Maybe these tips just wear out?

So, I made a note of the tip type and placed an order for a replacement. And while I'm at it, get a few more tips. Could be that I find a new "Top Tip"

There will be a brief ceremony for the expired tip in the workshop today. We won't forget you BU129 "G"

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