Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Find yourself looking for wood to knock upon?
then you need one of these

Cutting boards and paddles that still have plenty of knocks left in 'em! My attraction to decorative lettering combines with my complusion to recycle; and the result is 'knocking' boards!

If the salvaged cutting boards don't have enough damage, I take a hammer to 'em and make sure they're well knocked up. And most of these boards can be hung over a door handle---keeping them handy for vigourous and frequent knocking.

A fellow woodworker bought my first knocking board, and asked me to always have at least one of these in my shop at all times. 'In case somebody takes HIS....he's gonna need another!!! LOL

So, my SIGNATURE item is born from fire and destruction; and my pinchot for old expressions will be a part of my shop forever.

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