Tuesday, February 26, 2008

like Jim Croce

---"Really lovely. Reminds me of 70s folk music Jim Croce type stuff.

Very catchy sing-to-yourself tunes"

Congratulations to my brother, Mike Burnes---who has sold 30 of his music CDs on Etsy! Mike's dream is to make a direct connection with his listeners by offering his demo songs for sale to the public. We decided to list his music in my Etsy shop, and setup a myspace page to sample the tunes. I'm very proud of Mike and all the effort he puts into his songwriting craft.

You can listen to samples of every song.

Marketing his music is quite different than promoting my crafts; but there are many similarities, too. Mike took over my Etsy account and promoted like a madman...and found enthusiatic fans of his Southern Rock. The new CD is called WING AND A PRAYER...and it's had a great response. check it out!

Mike got to know some Etsy folks and is now recognized as a Chuck Norris look alike! I think he enjoyed the attention, and I know he appreciated the fans. He earned alot of myspace friends and captured 10 hearts.

Mike is really putting himself out there---and it's big kick for me to ride along. hey...I'm with the band!

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