Saturday, February 16, 2008

lookout World! here comes Mike...

My brother, Mike has sold 29 music CDs on! This is an amazing feat considering Etsy is a crafters website--it's not the kinda place you'd expect to find original music. But it does show that the indie musician can succeed in making their own market---anywhere. And I believe it says alot about the quality and value of Mike's Southern Rock songs. All of the home recordings and the label art are 100% created by Mike.

The 8 albums and over 80 songs in his catalog cover the gambit from soft and tender love songs to dreamy ballads to hard edged blues. It's a quickly growing collection and Mike is a prolific songwriter with several songs that have the potential for HITs. These are the same recordings that are pitched to A&R reps and Record Executives---it just so happens that the public enjoys listening to the raw, demo versions!

Mike's new CD is called WING AND A PRAYER...and it's had a great response. The track list includes "Little Dixie Cups" "Boogie Man" and "Rebel Yell" a few of my sing along favorites.

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