Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mr. Perfect

Say hello to my Dear Husband, Jody....who bowled a 300 game in our league at Franklin Lanes!!!

It was position night, and we were up against a tough team that had already beaten us on the first game. Jody was using a brand new bowling ball that he'd only tried out with a few frames the day before.

After 9 strikes in a row, the people bowling next to us on either side would pause long enough to let him throw. BOOM!
10 strikes.

I noticed that Jody was excited but kept his emotions in check to finish the final frame. CRASH! now 11 strikes and already there's a huge crowd forming around our lane and they politely clap then quickly hush up for the last ball. POW! solid hit, the pins jump and Jody has accomplished a spectacular achievement: the Perfect Game.

Everyone in the league was cheering and congratulating Jody and an announcement over the PA created another wave of cheers.

Our team actually lost that game. But it didn't matter. So does this make me "Mrs. Perfect"?

Hey Jody... you want some coffee to go along with that sweet roll?

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