Friday, February 22, 2008

A product development adventure

W hat's on the wildwood workbench these days? round pine plaques with florals. A tobacco box gourd with a naval battle scene burned. a raccoon painted on a hump rock. a storybook style woodburned plaque. a new series of magic wands.

Some of these projects may happen, some not. The items that make it will be the ones that reach a standard of craftsmanship and quality of work worthy of gift-giving and home furnishings, and the ones that reflect my woodsy style!

The items that don't make it... well, I learn some valuable lessons when I have to make those tough decisions: is it worth pursuing? will it have the best final result? would it be better to scrap it and start over? I have to know when to walk away. Instinct takes over. It's no longer is reasonable to work on it.

Now that my basic style and techniques are solid, I feel free to experiment and play around with what I have. There's over a dozen projects planned like the ones mentioned above, and I really feel like stretching my wings and stepping out to the ledge---just a bit:)

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