Saturday, February 23, 2008

Red Hot Poker

When I started woodburning my items were created using a simple, solid tip burning pen with a constant temperature. With dozens of tips of various shape and size, the tool proved to be very versatile and easy to use. I expanded my solid burner toolbox to include a 600 degree for the low temp and a 950 degree for the scorching.

All was well, and I created and sold over 100 pieces.

Then I took a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and discovered the small village of Townsend. A community of woodcarvers and fly fishermen, and a special little row of shops called Nawgers Nob. They introduced me to the benefits of a professional burning system, and even let me spend time with a demonstation burner in their shop!

The pro tools have made a significant difference in my work, and I've been able to recommend the burning system to others.

I was also given a set of antique copper tipped 'pokers' from my family---these long rods are heated on an open flame, just like pokerwork was done hundreds of years ago. But, my journey into burning tools is not yet over: and I acquired a large magnifying glass for solar burning!

Who knew there were so many methods and tools for pyrography?

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