Thursday, December 17, 2009

red on black?

Borrowing a phrase from folklore: Red on yellow, kill a fellow---red on black, friend of Jack! A simple but effective trick to get the visitor to your garden to think fast.
Two creek rocks have been handpainted with the corresponding bands of color for a poisonious coral snake, and a harmless king snake.

Bright and intense, the reds seem to glimmer and shine like the scales of a snake. The heads and tails of it all are revealed when the rock is turned over----where the piece of the phrase that describes that rock snake are printed.

Perhaps some of your guests won't be curious enough (or brave enough) to attempt to turn over your rocks. But this pair of rocks will be very colorful in your garden, so go ahead and purchase the snake rocks today; they're one of a kind!
$49.00 on sale today for only $39.00

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