Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Serve it up

Occasionally I'll discover a large, sturdy bowl or tray in a second-hand store and completely redecorate it---like the handsome "Entanglement" tray or the distinguished
"Olde World" tray that are for sale in my shop right now!

These salvaged pieces have to be stripped of their original paint and finish; which is usually a very laborous task. The decoration and embellishment is determined by the character of piece, and I've yet to repeat any design. A clear poly resin substance hardens to create the thick protective coating on the working surface of the trays.

The usefulness of objects is very appealing, and I expect to have more handcrafted trays and bowls in my shop---for your enjoyment:)


kim* said...

and you do a great job too redecorating. i need to get out and thrift again cause i am running out of ideas lol

Ivy said...

Very pretty!

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