Wednesday, February 20, 2008

we're all friends here

Featuring a fellow crafter...
For 35 years, Sue Cogan has crocheted and sewn her way into the cottage-industry of handmade crafts. Happily oblivious to the outside world, Sue holes up in her office/studio and runs her Cogan's Creations while consuming alarming amounts of coffee and Diet Coke.

I'm very fond of her little bears!

To stave off the boredom she never repeats an item or follows a pattern exactly---Sue has a vision for each piece and her vision is the only specifications that matter! "I love a challenge...too easy and I'm not all interested in making them" says Sue.

Cogan's Creations business plan and marketing strategies consume Sue's thoughts: "I ask myself a million questions daily" When it comes to running her craft venture, she has to keep on her toes with her ears and eyes open (some of you are doing that right now!). Just as crocheting a unique and delightful item requires one to make solid decisions, so goes the priorities and decisions of running a small business.

I salute Sue for her insight and for her determination---both of which are crucial qualities for a successful crafting company. I met Sue online and realized that we share alot in common, and together we lead a group of traditional crafters on Etsy called Old World Shoppes.

Please visit Sue, and tell her Carey Lynn said 'hey'

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