Saturday, March 22, 2008

Banner Day

Are you scrambling around to prepare for open market vending? I feel ya. Here's a quick HOW TO for creating your own cloth banner.

Get out to your local paint supply store and find some large white canvas drop cloth. The seams will be crooked and the material will be wrinkled, but all is well because you're only using a long section and the seams won't matter. While you're there, pick up a set of large grommets and a mallot.

Measure the canvas to your liking and cut enough to allow for new seams to be stitched. Square it up. Use some spray starch liberally and set out to iron the material until you're satisfied...and sew seams around the edge to keep it contained.

Make a scaled down version of your banner design, and create grid lines to help you with spacing. You can use a small projector to trace onto your banner, or you can just freehand it following your grid. Lay it all out with some of that fancy fabric chalk, or just use No. 2 pencil like I did.

Work in sections and paint the elements using artists brushes and paint. Acrylic crafters paint will be durable enough and keeps your supply costs down. Paint a bit, and let it dry before moving the banner to proceed. You may have to paint 2 coats so be prepared for alot of repositioning and waiting.

When you've done all you can on the artwork, hammer those grommets in for hanging. Takes several good hammer swings----you can do it!

Final step, cut some V shaped openings to allow the wind to pass through (otherwise, you just made a large sail!) and spray the material down with a fire retardant after-market product.

Fly that banner high!


Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

Great directions!!! A couple years ago, I bought a custom-designed (vinyl) banner from someone on eBay for less than $50, including shipping. That was after pricing banners locally and discovering they were close to $200 just for lettering, not even any fancy artwork!

Waterrose said...

Great tutorial...thanks!

Bridget said...

Thanks so very much for sharing your tutorial.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Great tutorial! I wish I'd have read this a few years back when I used to do a lot of shows. Smiles, Karen

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