Monday, March 31, 2008

The Curse of the Photographer's Daughter

Taking beautiful and dreamy photos of my crafts should come naturally to me: my Grandfather was a portrait photographer, my father is a commerical photographer and my brother is a sports photographer!

So why am I doomed to keep making the same mistakes and stumbling my way around a set? This is just not funny. I can only shake my angry fist at the little screens and bang my head upon the nearest light source.

Sure, my first digital camera was a joke and I never expected glorious images from a knock-off piece of 'equipment'. But my Kodak is quality-all-the-way and in the right hands it should be able to "show me the sexy". Maybe my hands are the problem? hahahaha

My investment into a great photo set doesn't begin and end with the camera---no, that would be too easy.

Two popup tents for filtering light, two table top lights, two tall lights on telescoping stands, and a professional tripod for starters. Then, there's the backdrop, the carrying case, the SD cards, and the editing software.

Wouldn't I love to be able to master photography and chat with 'The Fam' about how great it is to capture a magnificent image?


Caroline said...

You have more equipment than I do! I am in awe. :)

I think it's just a matter of practice. I still suck at using studio lighting... I can't seem to make it look as natural as natural light.

knitsteel said...

Do you call them for advice?

It's not easy. I was re-shooting photos this weekend well over 3 times before I got something I was happy with.

Jessica said...

wow! so many photographers in the family!!!

Waterrose said...

Good luck. I don't have photographers in my family so it is difficult to relate...but I feel your frustration!

aka ..rosez75

SecretMe said...

lol, I spend most my life in photoshop :(

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