Thursday, March 06, 2008

Featuring The Sacred Oak

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Today, I'm introducing you to Willow (cool name!) ... a fabulous seamstress on Etsy called SacredOak:

Tell us how you got started making costumes... I have always been into costuming and period clothing as far back as I can remember. I studied paintings and tapestries for a long time. Then one day a friend asked me to join the drama club in high school. Ever since then I have been sewing and studying clothing from history. I was never into history only the art until i got the theater bug. I designed several high school plays. When I went to college I had real instructions and learned more about detail, then one day walking to class I saw a group circling around some people. I wedged myself in and found that they were people in Medieval and fantasy clothing. At first I thought they were nuts but as I listened I was hooked into LARPS (Live Action Role Playing). My first jobs were making things for the local chapter, I still do on occasion. Since then I have learned how to draft and design my own patterns and here I am today. Trying to start my business and hoping for a few big breaks.

Are you finding a good market for historical clothing?... Its an iffy field, it comes and goes as Renaissance fair seasons come and go. Some states have only one fair so one time a year I am busy. But here in Texas I have a lot of Local clients But I am wanting to Expand to a global range. I love making things for people, and I love seeing my stuff on them!

What's your biggest challenge... I would say its finding the right happy medium between my kids and my business. Its hard to start up when you have a family and home to look after. But I think as day by day goes I am learning how to manage both. Its all about moderation. My biggest goal that I would like seen scratched off is doing the Fair circuit. Being able to set up shop and be in persona while talking to new customers.

Be sure to visit The Sacred Oak and get in on Willow's sale before March 17th!

The Sacred Oak blog

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