Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Postal

You know, it really shouldn't be so complicated to ship something---but alas, our friends from USPS seem to exsist for complex regulations and rules.

I don't *like* rules.

But since the postal service brings me such lovely, exciting packages from Etsy and beyond---I'll go along with them.

It's a love/hate relationship that can only be a great source of drama. I've learned to have plenty of cartons and packing materials on hand, to avoid the questionable 'modified' carton (like when you cut down a large box and the flaps end up crooked) and to print out some legible address labels.

Getting the package ready to hand over to my 'enemy' can be somewhat stressful. My cats get all interested and 'helpful'---that is, until I pull out the tape gun! heehee My electronic postal scale has never been accurate ( but I still use it anyway) and most of the time my estimates for the cost are 'off'.

And I must say the kiosk at my postal center is a thief, and someday I'll get revenge on that little demon:)

1 comment:

idyll hands said...

Oh, don't hate on the APS - I love the APS.


It saves me from having to stand in line only to have the worlds slowest postal worker check out my package.

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