Monday, March 09, 2009

Mac Daddy Sander

RYOBI! 4.3 amps 1/2 HP 53 lbs. belt/disc Sander is now setup in my workshop and ready to go. I'm already searching around for something big to sand...

This versatile sander will greatly reduce my labor on larger pieces, and allow for some precision work with the smaller stuff. With this long flat conveyor belt that tilts and the spinning disc on the side, it's very efficient and alot more powerful than the palm sanders I was using.

No more hand fatigue from palm sanding! No more wiggling out from clamps! But alot more sawdust ... since it doesn't have a dust collector.

I'd like to point out the locking casters that I got for 97 cents--- saved me from buying a $50 rolling base for the stand. Thank you SEARS.

I think I'll call it "Dusty" and work it hard.
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