Friday, August 22, 2008

Safety First

For really, though, safety measures are very important to crafters. Be it glue gun or circular saw, almost every tool has a sharp edge, a heated tip or some horrific way to harm oneself. We master these tools and respect their power. We remind ourselves that the danger exsists every time we interact and enforce our will upon some unsuspecting materials.

I'll spare you the horror stories and instead deal with the mundane. From the stripper to the sander to the wood stain, every step calls for protection. Carving, cutting and shaping wood sometimes requires highpowered tools and armor-like sheilds to divert the random flying chip. Even a small, handheld rotary tool can throw off debris at incredible velocity.

My woodburning craft has it's own demons, aside from the obvious heated tip: smoke is a constant annoyance and dangerous in it's own right. A small fan placed nearby draws the whiffs of smoke away from my face. My burning pens have resting clamps and stands to keep them stable and I take an extra step by anchoring the cord. A special tweezer is used to remove and replace tips, even if they're not heated.

Burning a miniature piece is hazardous because it has to be repositioned and close work brings the heat very close to my skin. A large piece is even more difficult, especially if it requires me to stretch or it cannot be tilted. The most challenging objects to burn for me would be rounded surfaces.. like a gourd. My tools are designed for flat surface, and getting the correct angle to approach is tricky.

I don't really need the hard hat, it's just a fashion statement:)

Take a pause for the cause, and consider your safety. Carefully.

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timothy said...

Oh... as a welder i know all about getting burnt, and other things that can happen.....great post!

timothy adam designs

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