Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what is Pokerwork?

Shall we break out the playing cards and chips?

No, it's not a card game---it's the term I use to describe my craft!

Back in Victorian Days when woodburning was wildly popular, it was commonly called Pokerwork. Although most people today refer to it as 'woodburning' or 'pyrography' I rather like the old term, and named an enter section of my shop the Pokerwork Collection.

I choose designs that are stylized and precise, and seldom do they call for soft shading. My carving and scorching technique is not at all delicate---it feels more like poking-wood-with-a-hot-iron!

It matter less to me what it's called---more important what I can do with it.

1 comment:

blueboygifts said...

I LOVE that top box. Very beautiful.
What a great talent you have. I am sure I would burn something down if I were to even try!

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