Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Whimsical Wildwood

A direct spin-off from my Renaissance tapestry designs comes a collection of bantam woodburnings with a playful medieval style: The Whimsicals!

Beginning with "Midnight Whimsical" which takes full advantage of the soft gentle curves and textured background---shutes and blooms that fan out and curl without regard.

My second 6" round is called "Two Birds" and it displays the capricious nature of the small creatures of the woods. Under the cover of stems and blooms, the birds pose for a delightful scene.

Another plaque in the series "Fickle Flowering" is burned on a square pine board, about 6.5" Featuring wide leaves and long pods that seem to grow in unison, carefully laid out for show. bas relief that brings character to the surface qualities---and does justice to the design.

All of The Whimsicals are for sale now in my Etsy store, and priced right for gift giving or for your decorating. Get whimsy with me!


Shannon said...

These are lovely!

Allison said...

When I was little, my first experience with woodburning was with my "Pops" - your work is SO intricate - it's amazing :]

Waterrose said...

Oh, these are beautiful!

Maisy Brown said...

I love these! They are absolutely lovely! I'm a great fan of your work, as you know, but I think these are my favourite so far!

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