Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WOODnesday on Etsy

"Some will walk through a forest and find no firewood"

Every week on Wednesday I start a thread in Promotions called "WOODnesday" and I invite any seller to post with items made of wood, looks like wood, smells like wood, or remind us of wood!

If you can cut it, carve it, sand it, shape it, stain it, paint it, or burn it then we want to see it.

If it has bark, grains, splinters, rings or knots then we want to see it.

Sometimes we'll get greeting cards with a nice forest landscape; Sometimes we'll get pillows made to look like logs; Sometimes we'll get handmade knives and tools for woodcarving.

Wood is good!

Share the wood on Etsy in the weekly promotion

this weeks post

Just because Woodworking is the last category, doesn't make us bottom of the heap:)

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