Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chuck Norris look alike

Until recently, I never realized how much my brother, Mike looks like Chuck Norris! When we're on the streets people lock eyes with him and you can tell for a split second they're thinking... that Chuck Norris??!

He's even had people come up to him and insist that he IS Chuck Norris... which I noticed Mike sometimes plays along. But, actually Mike is about a foot taller and much thinner than The Norris.

Mike's resemblance to CN is a great source of amusement for us. I wonder how Chuck feels about it?

Some people also think he looks like Danny Bonaduce. Must be the red hair.


Leslie said...

Your brother does look like Chuck. He also looks EXACTLY like our friend Matt. Maybe they*re triplets separated at birth?

ThePeachTree said...

WOW, that's almost scary!! He looks JUST like him!!

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