Friday, April 04, 2008

Mission of Mercy

When a dear old friend called upon my brother, Mike, to help a crippled child get medical treatments there was no hesitation for Mike. He would do everything in his power to support this family. With one day notice, they were desperate to transport the child to a Shriner's Hospital facility in Tampa.

Very little planning for the 10-12 hour car trip and unsure of their agenda made for a shaky start. Once on the road, vicious tornadoes hit N. Florida threatened---but the passengers slept all the way to Tampa from Pensacola. Mike was designated driver for the long journey in a big, red Suburban.

Daniel is an active and boisterous child, and after going thru the 4 hours of testing he was extra energized! The rest of the family (and Mike) took a long tour of the Shriner's Hospital and got a really good feeling for what Shriner's can do.

Some of the folks had to catch a flight back to Pensacola, so they could return to work right away. But Mike, Floyd and little Daniel were back on the road for what seemed like days---Waffle Houses and gas stations make for weary travelers. Floyd shared alot of memories from growing up in 1930s Kansas and his career in Naval Aviation.

In the end, Daniel is well on his way to some much needed treatments.


Christopher And Tia said...

Yay Daniel! Sometimes when I stumble upon blogs like this, I get a good reminder that the things I grump about are petty compared to some of the other obsticles people are faced with.

xx Tia

Rosebud Collection said...

what a nice blog story..These are the things that should be heard
many good people in the world..

Waterrose said...

You have a very special brother.

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