Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tenn Ren at Castle Gwynn

Come one - come all! May 3rd is opening day for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in Triune, TN. It's a successful event that grows more every year.

What an ideal marketplace to peddle my woodburnings. After meeting the Freeman's at White Oak Festival, I'm more excited than ever about vending at the month-long event. The Freeman's honored me with fine purchases from my booth and asked me to come to Tenn Ren!

My vision: a wooden cart with cabinets and canopy, displaying my signs, boxes and rocks. It's going to take an enourmous effort to construct this gypsy wagon from the Edge of the Wildwood---and I'll be enlisting the help of many a neighbor.

It's not possible for me to participate in Tenn Ren this year, so I'll have time to prepare a special display for 2009----I'll be at the festival and enjoy myself next month.

More peddler updates to follow, and I'll share some of my experiences, too!

1 comment:

Kimma said...

Just wanted to pass through and say hey! That is so neat (the wagon) i hope you end up making it, it makes me want to grow a bunch of veggies and sell them at the farmers market down the street. I LOVE how it has the chalkboard top as well, there's something so timeless about it. Good luck with your vending endeavors! A cart like that is sure to draw up a crowd

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