Tuesday, April 08, 2008

watch me burn

A fellow pyrographer referred a buyer to me that wanted a large custom Celtic design that featured hounds. I was able to work on the plaque while visiting my family in Florida, and transported the item back to my workshop for finishing.

The project took weeks to complete, and the buyer was thrilled! I put together this video of the burn using my brother's song "Devil Dogs a Huntin' " from his STARTIN' ON A FIFTH album.



erinpetersonart said...

Cool! That looks great.

nicoleleeartistry said...

I started wood burning recently and I love it! I'm coming out with a whole new line of jewelry as a result!

Karma by Morgan said...

thats amazing! I love the video!

very cool!

Deabusamor said...

I love watching wood burning, and the results are so intricate. Your work is amazing.

Melody said...

That is beautiful!!!

Waterrose said...

Great video! Great music. Love the wood burning...you are so talented!

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