Monday, July 28, 2008

Singer/Songwriter Mike Burnes

Nashville, Tennessee Summer 2008

The annual Songwriters Festival on Music Row was just the right ticket for my brother, Mike!

In fact, the actual ticket price is what you can afford to give. Mike jumped at the chance to meet industry professionals and other songwriters

... not to mention the abundance of his favorite distraction: guitars!!

We attended every aspect of the festival, and made good use of our time. Between the Professional Speakers and live stages, we covered alot of ground.

Mike was able to get his songs critiqued, (like Rebel Yell and Little Dixie Cups) and to make some good contacts. He later said it was time well-spent and may have saved him from 3 years of bangin' his head against the wall:)

It was so cool to have Mike in Nashville...I know he'll be back soon.

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