Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Katrina!

click PLAY to listen to "Oh Katrina">>>

Oh Katrina!
why you gotta be so mean?

Oh Katrina!
meanest one I've ever seen

Oh Katrina!
blowin down in Mississippi
Floodin' all over New Orleans

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't *feel* dirty

Making Music with Mike

When I visited Pensacola in July, Mike and I wanted to get some new vocal tracks recorded for a few of his songs!

Click PLAY on the music player>>>

There were a few of Mike's original songs on

Color of Rain that needed a female vocal, and I offered to try and get something recorded for him.

We spent several hours, experimenting with different techniques and sounds for Sex and Chaos and First Base.

It was very strange to hear my voice as others hear it; an out of body experience:) Mike was able to give me enough instruction to help, and managed not to piss me off or insult me. *grin*

The song Sex and Chaos is a raunchy, bump-and-grind number that just o-o-o-o-oozes sex. We used soft, whispery projection that makes the lyrics very lustful and sexy.

Changing a few of the lyrics also helped sell the's not a dirty or offensive song,

but it *IS* HOT

you can sample the new recording of Sex and Chaos right here on my blog!
also available on Mike's myspace

in the myspace store under the album Color of Rain,

just double click the song title

The other song we worked on was First Base, a Motown groove with a modern pop undertone. The pitch really called for a soprano, but we found a good alternative that I could deliver.

It's one of those songs that has alot of innocence in a flirtatous manner. The background vocals that Mike recorded for First Base are brilliant!

sample it on myspace

buy it on Etsy

It was so cool to work with my brother Mike on these recordings. I can now appreciate the effort that goes into making music!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Things to do in the Dentist chair

Since I was old enough to have cavities and need braces, I've spent a good many hours in the standard reclined position. Today, my 2:00 appointment found me exiting the DDS office 95 minutes later: $480 lighter and with a jaw that could've been through a boxing match!

I can recall a few years ago driving straight to the gym for a one hour aerobic class after 2.5 hours of drilling and filling---but each visit is not like the others. I've been going to the same dentist for 15 years, and I'm very confident in with his skills and gentle touch.

As I lay there in the frigid cubicle, with my lips stretched to their max and my neck stiffening to hold my head in position I found some things to keep me occupied (mentally):

1) try to remember as many movie quotes as possible from the movie VIBES with Cyndi Lauper. In the comedy, Cyndi's character describes how she gets through dental treatments by creating an out-of-body experience.

2) try to remember as many movice quotes as possible from the movie THE GOONIES (music by Cyndi Lauper). my nephew watched this movie non-stop when he visited in the summer of 1986.

3) try to remember all the lyrics to all the songs on THE BEST OF BREAD. When I was a kid, we'd listen to the 8track for hours and hours while working on jigsaw puzzles, legos, etc.

4) plan dinner.

I can see that sitting in a dentist chair for lengthy work, might go by faster if I had an iPod---loaded up with slow beat, soft songs or lighthearted humor. I wonder why they don't provide you with some sort of audio distraction?

We will all soon find ourselves kicked back in the dentist chair, and maybe it will help to focus on something frivilous.

Ow, my tooth hurts

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We don't play by the rules

We fight for freedom!
We fight for honor!

We fight with foam swords!!!

Developed by my nephew, Nick, this line of play swords can withstand brutal punishment. We know. We've tested them.

(Nick is seen here in full armorment for paintball)

So you may be thinking...looks like that would hurt. But the brilliant part of this design is that the 'blade' of the swords are so broad that wind resistance reduces the force behind the blow. Even a grown man with the strength of 10 men cannot swing the sword with any significant momentum.

Yes, I know. This is all very scientific and starting to sound a bit like "Mythbusters" but rest assured that when you find yourself in the troughs of battle up against a vicious enemy---no harm will come.

Fun Swords by Nick are now available on Etsy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Safety First

For really, though, safety measures are very important to crafters. Be it glue gun or circular saw, almost every tool has a sharp edge, a heated tip or some horrific way to harm oneself. We master these tools and respect their power. We remind ourselves that the danger exsists every time we interact and enforce our will upon some unsuspecting materials.

I'll spare you the horror stories and instead deal with the mundane. From the stripper to the sander to the wood stain, every step calls for protection. Carving, cutting and shaping wood sometimes requires highpowered tools and armor-like sheilds to divert the random flying chip. Even a small, handheld rotary tool can throw off debris at incredible velocity.

My woodburning craft has it's own demons, aside from the obvious heated tip: smoke is a constant annoyance and dangerous in it's own right. A small fan placed nearby draws the whiffs of smoke away from my face. My burning pens have resting clamps and stands to keep them stable and I take an extra step by anchoring the cord. A special tweezer is used to remove and replace tips, even if they're not heated.

Burning a miniature piece is hazardous because it has to be repositioned and close work brings the heat very close to my skin. A large piece is even more difficult, especially if it requires me to stretch or it cannot be tilted. The most challenging objects to burn for me would be rounded surfaces.. like a gourd. My tools are designed for flat surface, and getting the correct angle to approach is tricky.

I don't really need the hard hat, it's just a fashion statement:)

Take a pause for the cause, and consider your safety. Carefully.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hippie Barfday!

this is the Birthday post:)

Mama made me some homemade cheesecake


I laid around in a hammock

went shopping with my sister

visited the beach with my brother

and had myself a great day

Monday, August 18, 2008

read more books

alot more books...

I tend to like Crime Stories, Whodunits, and Thrillers. I shy away from the sappy romantic, but I've been known to fall for an action or humor love story. The supernatural and mystic novels can be an exercise in imagination, if I can just get through the thin storyline. The horror and gory books sometimes put me off with their excessive details and predictable outcomes. I'm drawn to the mysteries with solid characters that I can relate to!

2 of my friends like to swap books; so I hang onto (almost) everything I've read until the end of summer. After our swap, I usually find a few good novellas and short story collections.

My favorite in these titles is BLOOD MEMORY by Greg Iles. Set in Natchez, MS and part of a series that incorporates several small town personas and intrigue. Another book by Iles that I recommend is "Turning Angel"

And I really got into 'Tin Roof Blowdown" "Deception Point" and "Whiteout"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Comin' and Goin'

Both sides of this large woodburned sign are used!

Created especially for The Best Apparel shop on Etsy:

Jen's t-shirt vending booth will now have it's company logo proudly displayed!

The oversized letters allowed for a special technique I like to call 'chiseled' Each character has relief wood carving that produces a raised spine and mitered corners.

A light, buttery cream color gives the ribbon a solid appearance, and a soft grey accent on the Texas star really makes it pop:)

The sign project was a great challenge due to it's scale and double-sided requirement, and Jen plans to install the custom sign suspended on chains in her pop up tent. The 12x16 sign will be visible by foot-traffic from either direction---with maximum impact!!!

We'll get those shoppers comin' and goin'

Saturday, August 09, 2008

tools of the trade

Using a dual pen burner has boosted my burning power by 10!

The instant heat up and quick cool down allows the shaped tips to be changed in a flash.

The tips come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: spade, spoon, ball, point, and writing

I'm most likely to use a standard point for well-defined straight lines, and the ball points come in handy for texturing.

I still make good use of my solid tip burners, and occasionally fiddle around with antique copper burners....and even a magnifying glass for solar burning!

Thanks to professional productivity and quality of work is at an all time high.

Friday, August 08, 2008

ei8ht ei8ht ei8ht

found a few 8s for you today!

*posted at 8:08am*

Thursday, August 07, 2008

how hot is it?

Whew! it's so hot....

it's so hot the best parking places are determined by the shade...

why it's so hot that when the temp drops to 95, it feels chilly!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2 pies are better than 1

Something about baking a pie that makes the day seem brighter.

I get to wear my apron and use my wooden spoons, and let my thoughts wander.

The pumpkin aroma that builds in the air as the pies bake is very comforting. When they cool, I'll serve up a few slices with whipped topping and fresh coffee.

One of these pumpkin pies will be delivered to my husband's office, where they'll share it with as many folks as possible.

Pies are one of my favorite desserts, and I sometimes enjoy a slice of pie for breakfast:)

So, don't bake a pie....bake TWO!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

FREE t-shirt with CD

*Love Jail* FREE t-shirt with your music CD purchase!

You look great in pink.
and you love indie music, too.

So grab a CD from my 8 album titles and get a free LOVE JAIL t-shirt from the Edge of the Wildwood's prize closet!

a BONUS track of the pop song "LOVE JAIL" will be included on your music CD---and score a really cool t-shirt (made by Etsy's own juror2)

you can sample the music on myspace

find the track LOVE JAIL in the myspace music store

but be sure to return to ETSY for this special gift with purchase offer:)

enter JAIL in the comments, and I'll be your

<< LOVE JAIL prisoner!

our supplies are limited, so order now and be sure to specify (ladies) M, L or XL
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Friday, August 01, 2008

3 years ago

Edge of the Wildwood
is Celebrating 3 Years
on Etsy!

Looking back on the first 3 years of my crafting endeavours, I greatly appreciate the support from hundreds of buyers, shoppers, fellow crafters, friends and family. I never once felt lonely!

My handcrafted items have been shipped far and wide. I'm thrilled to be able to fulfill so many needs---special gifts, family heirlooms, toys, and sign work. My signs have even been used on a movie set! The incredible compliments from my customers are like fuel on my fire.

One of the most satisfying statistics for my shop is the 800 hearts from visitors

Each of these Etsians has given me a great gift...encouragement.

So, I extend a warm and friendly Thank You to the many people who support my shop buying quality handcrafted woodburning, rock painting, music CDs, and toys.

Edge of the Wildwood wouldn't be possible without your patronage.

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