Monday, August 11, 2008

Comin' and Goin'

Both sides of this large woodburned sign are used!

Created especially for The Best Apparel shop on Etsy:

Jen's t-shirt vending booth will now have it's company logo proudly displayed!

The oversized letters allowed for a special technique I like to call 'chiseled' Each character has relief wood carving that produces a raised spine and mitered corners.

A light, buttery cream color gives the ribbon a solid appearance, and a soft grey accent on the Texas star really makes it pop:)

The sign project was a great challenge due to it's scale and double-sided requirement, and Jen plans to install the custom sign suspended on chains in her pop up tent. The 12x16 sign will be visible by foot-traffic from either direction---with maximum impact!!!

We'll get those shoppers comin' and goin'

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