Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't *feel* dirty

Making Music with Mike

When I visited Pensacola in July, Mike and I wanted to get some new vocal tracks recorded for a few of his songs!

Click PLAY on the music player>>>

There were a few of Mike's original songs on

Color of Rain that needed a female vocal, and I offered to try and get something recorded for him.

We spent several hours, experimenting with different techniques and sounds for Sex and Chaos and First Base.

It was very strange to hear my voice as others hear it; an out of body experience:) Mike was able to give me enough instruction to help, and managed not to piss me off or insult me. *grin*

The song Sex and Chaos is a raunchy, bump-and-grind number that just o-o-o-o-oozes sex. We used soft, whispery projection that makes the lyrics very lustful and sexy.

Changing a few of the lyrics also helped sell the sex...it's not a dirty or offensive song,

but it *IS* HOT

you can sample the new recording of Sex and Chaos right here on my blog!
also available on Mike's myspace

in the myspace store under the album Color of Rain,

just double click the song title

The other song we worked on was First Base, a Motown groove with a modern pop undertone. The pitch really called for a soprano, but we found a good alternative that I could deliver.

It's one of those songs that has alot of innocence in a flirtatous manner. The background vocals that Mike recorded for First Base are brilliant!

sample it on myspace

buy it on Etsy

It was so cool to work with my brother Mike on these recordings. I can now appreciate the effort that goes into making music!


Brandon said...

I went to the MySpace page and Color of Rain wasn't on there. But I liked "Melia"

Rock on!

Carey Lynn said...

We've got Color of Rain in the myspace music store; located underneather the standard myspace music player! thanks alot:)

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