Monday, August 18, 2008

read more books

alot more books...

I tend to like Crime Stories, Whodunits, and Thrillers. I shy away from the sappy romantic, but I've been known to fall for an action or humor love story. The supernatural and mystic novels can be an exercise in imagination, if I can just get through the thin storyline. The horror and gory books sometimes put me off with their excessive details and predictable outcomes. I'm drawn to the mysteries with solid characters that I can relate to!

2 of my friends like to swap books; so I hang onto (almost) everything I've read until the end of summer. After our swap, I usually find a few good novellas and short story collections.

My favorite in these titles is BLOOD MEMORY by Greg Iles. Set in Natchez, MS and part of a series that incorporates several small town personas and intrigue. Another book by Iles that I recommend is "Turning Angel"

And I really got into 'Tin Roof Blowdown" "Deception Point" and "Whiteout"


Cara Mia said...

awesome! when do you find the time? i love to read and need to make more time for it.

rockcreekcreations said...

Did you like Deception Point? I think I even liked it more than The DaVinci Code.

I also blogged about books. Asking others what their favorite book and bookmark is.

Nice Blog!

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