Monday, August 25, 2008

Things to do in the Dentist chair

Since I was old enough to have cavities and need braces, I've spent a good many hours in the standard reclined position. Today, my 2:00 appointment found me exiting the DDS office 95 minutes later: $480 lighter and with a jaw that could've been through a boxing match!

I can recall a few years ago driving straight to the gym for a one hour aerobic class after 2.5 hours of drilling and filling---but each visit is not like the others. I've been going to the same dentist for 15 years, and I'm very confident in with his skills and gentle touch.

As I lay there in the frigid cubicle, with my lips stretched to their max and my neck stiffening to hold my head in position I found some things to keep me occupied (mentally):

1) try to remember as many movie quotes as possible from the movie VIBES with Cyndi Lauper. In the comedy, Cyndi's character describes how she gets through dental treatments by creating an out-of-body experience.

2) try to remember as many movice quotes as possible from the movie THE GOONIES (music by Cyndi Lauper). my nephew watched this movie non-stop when he visited in the summer of 1986.

3) try to remember all the lyrics to all the songs on THE BEST OF BREAD. When I was a kid, we'd listen to the 8track for hours and hours while working on jigsaw puzzles, legos, etc.

4) plan dinner.

I can see that sitting in a dentist chair for lengthy work, might go by faster if I had an iPod---loaded up with slow beat, soft songs or lighthearted humor. I wonder why they don't provide you with some sort of audio distraction?

We will all soon find ourselves kicked back in the dentist chair, and maybe it will help to focus on something frivilous.

Ow, my tooth hurts

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What a cute blog!!

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