Saturday, August 23, 2008

We don't play by the rules

We fight for freedom!
We fight for honor!

We fight with foam swords!!!

Developed by my nephew, Nick, this line of play swords can withstand brutal punishment. We know. We've tested them.

(Nick is seen here in full armorment for paintball)

So you may be thinking...looks like that would hurt. But the brilliant part of this design is that the 'blade' of the swords are so broad that wind resistance reduces the force behind the blow. Even a grown man with the strength of 10 men cannot swing the sword with any significant momentum.

Yes, I know. This is all very scientific and starting to sound a bit like "Mythbusters" but rest assured that when you find yourself in the troughs of battle up against a vicious enemy---no harm will come.

Fun Swords by Nick are now available on Etsy!

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