Monday, September 29, 2008

Follow Me!

Finding your way through a mountain of blogs? need a guide?

This egghead character is a adventurous gnome who knows his terrain

ready for a hike with a walking stick and trail marker

he's got a reputation as a big storyteller, and can be found puffing his pipe and telling a great tale of how he earned his trackers patch

his enourmous hiking shoes are the well worn out,

...and his favorite saying is printed on the back of his shirt: FOLLOW ME

A sneaky mouse called Whistle is his constant companion

the Gnome Guide is available for $22 with free shipping on

He wants me to tell you the one about how you can follow me on this blog...

look for the signs on the right>

1 comment:

Megan Baehr said...

Oh my gosh this little guy is amazing! I love all the little details.

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