Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Name this sammich!

What do you get when you cross French toast with grilled cheese?

We're gonna need your help to give this simple sandwich a name...

2 slices of bread
slice of cheese
one egg, beaten
pat of butter
salt and pepper to taste

Get a light toast on the bread

soak one side of each bread slice in egg

cook the egged side of the bread in a pan on medium heat

place the cheese slice between the cooked egg

you might be tempted to scramble up the remaining egg and add it to the sammich...

don't bother, it just makes the cheese messy:)

toasting the bread keeps it from getting soggy...and we'd interested in your tips, ideas, and name for this culinary masterpiece. Submitted by Mike Burnes (singer songwriter extraordinaire)


2BeBold said...

Looks deelish! How about 'frilled tease'?

Carey Lynn said...

LOL now that's a good one, 2bebold!

La Alicia said...

grilled frenchie cheese? :) looks yummy!

Walk in the Woods said...

You get .... Yummy!

tammy franks said...

YOU know if you now dropped it into a deep fryer and fried it IT would be called a monte crisco real sandwich folks LOL if ya add ham to it it would be a monte crisco delux LOL

Eunice Beshears said...

I would simply call it Grilled French Cheese.

Christine said...

I don't know what to call it...but it looks so good. Nom nom nom.

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