Monday, October 27, 2008

feels like I'm 10 feet tall

What exactly is the wildwood connection with music and woodburning? Much of this blog is devoted to my love of woodburning and my crafty life. And many readers are also here for my brother's music!

So we've worked to combine our interests and share our best with you. All of the posts here are authored by me, Carey Lynn. And Mike keeps a fun blog on myspace that reads like a radio show script!

You'll be getting to know Mike as we run special promotions and contests, and I may even conduct a 'rock star' interview with him for this blog:)

When Mike visits me in Nashville for the music business, we prepare some blog posts that are very entertaining!

< < < big guitar on music row

And speaking of entertaining...Mike is feeling 10 feet tall lately because of his recent live performances and the raves he receives!!!

He's probably backstage right now planning his next blog post---not!

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