Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sunset Mural

Submitted by Mallie (my mother):

A bright and bubbly Sunday school teacher came up with an idea for "a day at the beach" theme for her classroom. The 7th and 8th graders at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Pensacola were about to get a makeover!

Teacher Candy asked me to paint a beach sunset mural to be the setting for colorful Adirondack chairs, grass mats on the floor, and grass hula skirts as curtains. The mural is to cover the walls with blowing palm trees, the beach ball water tower at Pensacola beach, and a hot dog stand. The space below the chair-rails will be painted to look like sand for the kids dip their feet in paint and put those across the sand. My grandson, Nick will apply the first set of footprints that represent Jesus---and the other classmates will follow.

The subject was not a challenge as much as the design Candy wanted. With the wide wood chair rail about 1 inch thick all the way around the room, I had to consider the horizon line and allow lots of sand room for the feet idea. So far, it took about 2 -six hour days, that included the priming. The wall was sheet rock with a previous painted design and I used flat latex paint.

The mural is about 15 ft x 9 ft high. A work in progress so we'll post some updated photos and more about 'a day at the beach' project.

-Mallie L.

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