Thursday, October 23, 2008

takin' this show in the road

'primp' my ride with a Custom vinyl decal from mytwobabes

I was able to select the title and tagline, lettering style and color, and even a compass image for my new window decal! Kristen from mytwobabes was easy to work with, and delivered just what I needed for my new Mariner...

The silver Wildwood decal came with a paper backing and sticky peel off backing that makes install very simple. Just remove the paper, position the decal, rub it down and lift the peel off!

My fancy red truck will surely get some attention, and I like the idea of letting people know what Edge of the Wildwood is all about: wood burning and rock painting

The compass motif works well for the nautical 'Mariner' and ties in closely with my Wildwood theme. I'm ready to hit the highway:)

Thank you, Kristen! Visit her delightful blog mytwobabes blog

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Uneekdolldesigns said...

That's really neat! great advertising!

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