Friday, December 26, 2008

Old School art sign

A special order came through for a custom art sign as a gift. A family in Georgia wanted to honor their parents new lake home...and have a bit of fun:)

A kind of Thunderbird/Deftones style lettering does the trick with some subtle humor. They wanted a flashy sign for "El Trailor" to fit with the 1969 single wide fixer-upper. It'll be mounted above their entry door in their new home.

While I was working on the sign, the parents asked about if they might know of someone that can make them a woodburned sign! LOL well, they got one now and I sure hope they like it.

logo maker -

To Ann and Donnie from all your favoritest people ever.


Christie Cottage said...

Cool sign for the lake home. Love the bowl shown "on the work bench".

I found you on etsy. That's where you can find me

StunningAnnaK said...


What a great item!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Thank you again for the sign! It was perfect and my parents LOVED it!

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