Monday, December 15, 2008

what did you call me??!

That's right! Officially, I'm known as a "pyrographer" py·rog'ra·pher (n.)

one who practices "pyrography" which is writing with fire.

...but pyrographer is a strange and clumsy word that's hard to pronounce and it sounds too much like "photographer" for the gentile conversator.

So, unless I'm talking to a fellow pyro or trying to impress a judge, then I'll probably just tell folks I'm a woodburner. It's requires alot less explaination, and I'm pretty sure I can pronounce woodburner without sounding like an idiot:)

If I'm feeling frisky and coy and someone asks me what I do...I'll use the old vernacular name and tell 'em I do pokerwork! and that makes me a poker? or is it a pokerer? LOL

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