Friday, April 25, 2008

my family

Found a cool new social site called

let's you share photos, videos and pass messages

you can post events and build family trees, too

I was able to spend time with my peeps recently when we experienced a death in the family; and it truly makes me take pause and appreciate my life. Kin folks understand me like no one else!

well, blog folks 'unnerstan' stuff, too:) it's great to be back to bloggin'

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sticks 'N cones

may break my bones , but sticky-words will never harm me!

I was fully in tune with nature, and stumbled upon this amazing site in the wildwood:) always keep your eyes open for miracles.

now back to the mowing...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Soaring Eagle

Eagles are a fantastic subject for woodburning; the smooth lines and delicate feathers. Their powerful wings and beautiful colorings are striking!

I was commissioned to create a custom art sign for LaurieRyan, for display at vending booths. Laurie already had the great image of this soaring eagle, and I had just the right signboard for the project.

Using an arched plaque, which are usually hung above doors, the eagle was positioned so his wings cover the sign and make for a captivating focal point.

Tiny details in the shading and texturing of the feathers give it a realistic touch. The bright white head and tail feathers of the eagle are sharp contrast to the wood and really pops it!

The title follows the arch, and the tagline trails along behind the eagle.

I'm very proud of The Soaring Eagle sign

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chuck Norris look alike

Until recently, I never realized how much my brother, Mike looks like Chuck Norris! When we're on the streets people lock eyes with him and you can tell for a split second they're thinking... that Chuck Norris??!

He's even had people come up to him and insist that he IS Chuck Norris... which I noticed Mike sometimes plays along. But, actually Mike is about a foot taller and much thinner than The Norris.

Mike's resemblance to CN is a great source of amusement for us. I wonder how Chuck feels about it?

Some people also think he looks like Danny Bonaduce. Must be the red hair.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

watch me burn

A fellow pyrographer referred a buyer to me that wanted a large custom Celtic design that featured hounds. I was able to work on the plaque while visiting my family in Florida, and transported the item back to my workshop for finishing.

The project took weeks to complete, and the buyer was thrilled! I put together this video of the burn using my brother's song "Devil Dogs a Huntin' " from his STARTIN' ON A FIFTH album.

Monday, April 07, 2008

added value

I've tried many ways to give my buyers just a bit more than they expect; the most successful add-on is personalized keychains!

Using these fanciful letters, I create a woodburned keychain for the recipient. They can also be used as gift tags or gear bags. It's a tiny piece of portable art with everday purpose.

The wooden tags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and each one is customized to reflect the EOW item they selected. The oppposite side of the tag incorporates some element from their item.

My buyers really love the little keychains, and they often comment about them. It's a very simple way for me to add value to their transaction.

At shows, I set up a worktable and make custom tags while they wait. I've made tags for dog collars, for equipment bags and for charms---but most are for the standard keychain.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Posted No Trespassing

Pull out your compass, and find a map.... because we're about to reach the boundries of civilization and the Edge of the Wildwood!

We won't need a GPS or a cell phone, because this woodland is an online gift boutique. Credit cards come in handy, so be sure you packed it.

A special offer for all the readers of this blog: 10% discount on any item in my shop!!! Available until May can enter the code "LOST10" in the message from buyer...and I'll send you a revised invoice for the discounted order.

Wander about in the wildwood, and search for some things you need.

If we're not back in 5 hours, please notify the rescue team:)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mission of Mercy

When a dear old friend called upon my brother, Mike, to help a crippled child get medical treatments there was no hesitation for Mike. He would do everything in his power to support this family. With one day notice, they were desperate to transport the child to a Shriner's Hospital facility in Tampa.

Very little planning for the 10-12 hour car trip and unsure of their agenda made for a shaky start. Once on the road, vicious tornadoes hit N. Florida threatened---but the passengers slept all the way to Tampa from Pensacola. Mike was designated driver for the long journey in a big, red Suburban.

Daniel is an active and boisterous child, and after going thru the 4 hours of testing he was extra energized! The rest of the family (and Mike) took a long tour of the Shriner's Hospital and got a really good feeling for what Shriner's can do.

Some of the folks had to catch a flight back to Pensacola, so they could return to work right away. But Mike, Floyd and little Daniel were back on the road for what seemed like days---Waffle Houses and gas stations make for weary travelers. Floyd shared alot of memories from growing up in 1930s Kansas and his career in Naval Aviation.

In the end, Daniel is well on his way to some much needed treatments.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tenn Ren at Castle Gwynn

Come one - come all! May 3rd is opening day for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in Triune, TN. It's a successful event that grows more every year.

What an ideal marketplace to peddle my woodburnings. After meeting the Freeman's at White Oak Festival, I'm more excited than ever about vending at the month-long event. The Freeman's honored me with fine purchases from my booth and asked me to come to Tenn Ren!

My vision: a wooden cart with cabinets and canopy, displaying my signs, boxes and rocks. It's going to take an enourmous effort to construct this gypsy wagon from the Edge of the Wildwood---and I'll be enlisting the help of many a neighbor.

It's not possible for me to participate in Tenn Ren this year, so I'll have time to prepare a special display for 2009----I'll be at the festival and enjoy myself next month.

More peddler updates to follow, and I'll share some of my experiences, too!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Is it dark in here?

I feel a chill...

It could be the ominous words of Dante on this extra large sign that are sending me over to the dark side.

All hope abandon, ye who enter here

Created by request for mounting in a cellar of a turn of the century home. The new homeowners wanted to hang a sign that would reflect an authentic Old World sentiment. Their guests must wonder if they'll ever make it out!

Ironic that the signboard was repurposed from a cheery "Welcome Friends" painted sign. The oval shape works very well for the Gothic design, and an antiqued chain was fastened for the hanging.

Heed that warning and GO BACK NOW!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Giveaway on Old World Almanac

Be sure to enter a comment here on "Old World Almanac" for a chance to win in a Mother's Day drawing!

The giveaway is sponsored by Old World Shoppes on Etsy---your special place for traditional, handmade items.
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