Sunday, January 18, 2009

Burning Questions Part II

Welcome back to Burning Questions a series that answers all your pyrography ponderings!

In Burning Qs Part I we covered the basics for tools, materials and beginning the burning process. Now we'll crank up the heat.

How can I avoid making mistakes and overburning?

Keep a practice board handy! You can test the heat as it builds up. Let the practice board absorb the initial heat. Keep the temperature low and cover an area with slow, repeated movements.

hot tip: use an exacto knife to gently scrape away flakes of carbon

How do I know which tip shape to use?

Well defined lines can be achieved with the narrow, pointy tips.

Curves and thick lines with any rounded tip.

Flat or angled tips allow for soft shading.

The ball shaped tips can be used to make dots.

hot tip: repeated elements (like dots) using a ball tip is called stippling

Will this take forever?

OK, you got me there:) This craft does take a great deal of patience. But as your skills improve, so will your productivity. Go for the designs that you fancy, and don't worry about how long it takes to get it right.

hot tip: take frequent breaks.

It's what?

Congratulations! Make it a habit to sign all your woodburnings. Be sure to lightly sand it before applying wood stains and finishes. Without a protective coat of finish, woodburnings are subject to rapid diminishment when the deep, black carbon is oxygenated.

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