Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting to the Heartwood

The solid center of a tree trunk is known as the heartwood. The source of extractives and minerals that expands with age. Heartwood is dense and no longer conducts water to supply to leaves and branches. The outer rings on a crosscut tree are called sapwood. The number of sapwood rings will vary from one tree species to another: some trees only need a few sapwood rings where walnut trees may have as many as 20 sapwood rings.

In some species of trees, the difference in color between the heartwood rings and the sapwood rings makes it easy to see. Trees like basswood and butternut have very little difference in color and density, which makes them ideal for woodburning.

The Heartwood is strong with this one:)

knotted hearts plate


Scentful Indulgence said...

I love the shape of the heart. Your piece there is simply beautiful!!! ;-)

Mike said...

Very beautiful!

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