Saturday, February 14, 2009

my love story

You might call it providence, but I had a sense of fate when I met Jody. While working at a daycare center one rainy April day, I waited with little Johnny for his mother to pick him up. As we peered through the windows straining to see her car (ANY car) there was a group of boys gathering at a nearby ball field. When the rain pounded them and they scrambled for cover, we thought they were leaving.

One of the coaches came over and asked if they could take shelter in our building and hold a brief meeting with their new ball team. He was handsome and of course I let them in. I asked if they would fold the chairs when they're finished and not take too long, please. He smiled.

Their meeting was anything but brief. little Johnny's mommy had come and gone long ago. The rain outside was turning into flash floods, and the ball team left the chairs in the middle of the room. I was tired. I might even get in trouble if my manager knew I had given permission for a group to use the space! The handsome coach gave a quick wink and helped me return the playroom to normal.

The next sunny day my little daycare kids were playing on the ballfield and a green VW bug drove up. It was the coach and he was back to practice his team. The kids played and played, and finally it was time to go into the daycare building. As we gathered our group to leave, the coach said "you're not leaving yet" I gave a quizzical look. He said "I haven't asked you out on a date yet! and that was my real reason for coming here today"

Jody and I went out on a date every night for a week. And that's how I met Jody 25 years ago at a Little League ballpark. We've been HaPpiLy mArRiEd since!

jody takes a nap between ballgames (2006)

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agoodwitchtoo said...

That is a really sweet story! :)

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