Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my new bowling trophy

One night my Dear Husband was not able to bowl his weekly league, and asked me to step in and substitute for him. When I walked into the bowling alley I noticed a really nice decorated jar on the front counter. I almost stopped to ask about the pretty container, but I had to quickly get setup to bowl.

In the 2nd game, the league president drew numbers at random (for bowler # and lane #) and they announced that Bowler #2 on lane 24 has just won a cookie jar!!!

I was thrilled! and the jar was full of homemade chocolate chip cookies, too. What a great prize, and I got to share the cookies with most of the league bowlers. You can bet I was very gentle when loading and I'm so proud of my 'bowling trophy'

1 comment:

Cards By Jenna said...

How cool! Love the cookie jar. What a great idea. Even better it was full of cookies. :-)


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