Friday, February 06, 2009

Social Butterfly

social butterfly: one who knows how to intermingle

and makes a social grace of it

(two small butterflies resting on a rock with ants and ivy

handpainted rock)

Lately, I have been joining and posting on all kinds of community sites, specialty sites and networking sites! It's so cool to recognize someone that you've noticed on another website. And each online community has it's own mix of members, where I meet new people.

I fly from group to group briefly sipping the nectar of the garden and exchange a few words before moving on to the next bright bloom.

(ladybug ceramic from my childhood)

Each have something for me. These four sites are about crafting in general, and they connect me with some wonderful people who make handmade products. I love to see the items and leave a note for the maker. I'm very pleased to see supporters who visit these sites and discover something new. something special.

(blue moth - handpainted rock)

I'll probably have to get into twitter next; and stretch my butterfly wings!

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