Thursday, February 19, 2009

songwriter for hire

Need a catchy jingle for your shop? This little offer is tailored just for you!

Mike Burnes is a very talented songwriter who is making his work available to crafters everywhere. Mike is offering a low cost jingle for online ads and radio spots for only $30.oo

We'll take care of all the details: composing, recording, and delivery. And you'll have a hard copy CD of your 30 second jingle to promote your shop, complete with licensing for the life of your business.

Get in on the advertising packages from Blockhead Radio and other online broadcasters, and reach those listeners in a friendly, memorable way!

Not sure what musical style to use? Mike can produce a variety of tunes from soft, sweet tunes to fast, upbeat jingles. Give us a glimpse into your shop with tagline, motto, and targeted audience---and we'll write a jingle to suit your style.

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