Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lemon Laundry

As part of our weekly experiment on TOUGH TIMES radio show...we selected a household tip from lovetostamp:

add lemons to the rinse cycle of a white load to freshen laundry

I was anxious to try this technique, and took to slicing and juicing some lemons. I liked to remove the seeds and use the pulp and skin of one lemon per load.

When I added the lemon remanats to the rinse, I noticed the effect of the lemon right away. After the spin cycle my washing machine was immediately fresh and smelled nice.

I decided to hang the towels on a rack to dry in the sun...and the lemons really did the trick! I can tell you that one little lemon freshened the load did it's job, for sure!

The towels didn't require and fabric softener or dryer sheets---saving me $$. And the results were amazing. I actually tried similar lemon amounts with different kinds of laundry and found towels and socks benefited the most from the power of the lemon.

Special thanks ro lovetostamp for the tip. And thanks for listening to TOUGH TIMES on Blockhead Radio!

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Walk in the Woods said...

Awesome! Lemon really is amazing, eh? And BTW - I *love* your show!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea, and especially since we have a lemon tree. A new use for the abundance of fruits!

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